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Doctor Who: A Writer's Tale

Soon Russell T. Davies' book, consisting of a series of e-mails between him and Benjamin Cook (reporter for Doctor Who Magazine) throughout the production of series 4, will go on sale. In it RTD reveals what that process of writing and coming up with ideas for the series is like, production decisions and insights on previous series and other shows of his. Times Online have some excerpts:
Part 1: The writing process, clubbing, refusing series 5, casting J.K. Rowling (!), friction with the BBC
Part 2: Steven Moffat, hating interviews and press junkets, River Song, Christmas 2008 Special spoilers

Erm- that Harry Potter cross-over episode idea was a bit mad, yeah? And those spoilers sound wonderful. And I love Rusty's writing :D


Ooer, shiny stuff! Thanks for posting it here, hehe.

That book sounds really interesting. It's always... nice, I suppose, getting inside a writer's head and knowing how tthey thought about the writing process and what was going through their mind at the time.
I'm loving the extracts and looking forward to the book, but... blimey! Russell's my hero, I read all the interviews with him I find online and sometimes even subject myself to a twenty minute expose of technical gubbins on the Confidentials so I can see what he and the other writers and David have to say about the stories, and yet after reading these I already feel I know much more about him as a man and have a new perspective on his work. You can already tell it's going to be no holds, this book, and the way he talks about his drinking and his enthusiasm for a Harry Potter crossover sheds a whole new light on the passion and the madness that he pours into his stories.