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avoria in one_last_run

A few announcements

Firstly, I would just like to welcome arabian to the moderating team -- she's joining up with me to help out with this community and she's very, very welcome.

Secondly, there have been some important updates to the aim/focus of this community. I hope none of you decide to leave us because of it, but it was decided between arabian and myself that this community should be more open to other characters and their ships. So, here's the newest declaration:

As long as it's RTD's new!who, it's welcome.

Be it ship, picspam, ramble, discussion, fic, art... anything. For more information, see our profile page.

We will also (shortly, if not now) have a new sidebanner, which... well, I think is very pretty, myself *g*.

You're all important to us here, in celebrating RTD and his wonderful Who, and I hope you all stick around to bask in his characters and era.

Feel free to comment on how you feel about the changes to the community.