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One Last Run

Celebrating RTD in Doctor Who

Doctor Who - One Last Run (2005-2008)
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A community focusing on RTD's era of Doctor Who
“['Love and Monsters'] is honestly about fandom in general - everyone's a fan of something - and it's a tribute to it. The point about LINDA is that they forget the Doctor after a while, and make friends. They're genuinely good mates. That's what good fandom does. It's real passion, and connection, and fun. And that's not said often enough.”
-- Russell T Davies, on 'Love and Monsters'


Hello! Welcome to One Last Run, a community which serves to bring you all the love of RTD's (that's Russell T Davies') era of Doctor Who that any comm could manage to give. That quote up there? That's pretty much how we feel fandom should be, too - that's what we're aiming for, as a community (:

As many of you are aware our dear, beloved Uncle Rusty is a loveable lunatic responsible for bringing this show back to what we all know and love. He's worked incredibly hard over the past four/five years (and beyond) to bring to our screens wonderful tales of love and (mis)adventure, and here at one_last_run we really want to celebrate this. All this comm wants to do is be a place where fans of Doctor Who (2005-2008) can come and share their love of RTD and his wonderful, insane characters and ideas!


Here are the rules for one_last_run. Most of them are common sense, really, but I've put the most important near the top. And in red.

  • We welcome everything. Fanfic, fanart, fanvids, discussion, suggestions, random thoughts you had during the day... obviously this isn't an invitation to spam, but if you have love/celebration of our jolly Welshman we absolutely love to hear about it!

  • After much consideration, it's been decided that any and all (from RTD's new!who) ships are welcome at this comm. Our aim is simply to honour what the writers/producers/directors/actors etc. had in mind while they were working on the show, so our focus is their focus.

  • BASHING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED under any circumstance. If you do not like a ship or a character, fine. Feel free to scroll past posts you have no interest in. But if in any way you mock/tease/torture/shit-stir/troll/abuse any character, ship, or its fans, you will be permanently banned from this community. Consider this your warning.

  • Please, please, please tag your posts. A comprehensive list of tags has been made, and they range from episodes to characters to ratings and more. Please use them.

  • Clearly mark adult/NSFW content and place it behind a cut. Break this rule and, well, Something Bad Will Happen.

  • Use appropriate headers for fanfiction. Short 'n' sweet would be preferrable, but we're not going to be like the military on this once. Just be accurate and, if possible, concise. Most headers include: Title, Rating, Pairing/Characters, Disclaimer, Summary and perhaps an Author's Note.

  • Please place all media-related (music, fanvids, etc.) topics behind a Members-Only lock. Failure to do this will have your post edited/deleted. We'll also come at you with big pointy sticks.

  • RPF (that's 'Real Person Fic') is not allowed in this community.

  • Have fun! Be active! Pimp us around! Etc. We love having you here and the man who made the show blossom, so don't be afraid to join in with the love that's going on at this comm.

That about sums up our rules. We may add to them as time goes on, but we'll be sure to make an announcement at the comm.

That's about all you need to worry about at the moment. Other than that, have fun and get shipping! *g*


Want to affiliate with us? Simply leave a comment here and we'll add you to the list.



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